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Ourlyard™ Präbyopie-Visionstherapie-Tropfen(Preservative-free, FDA approved)

Ourlyard™ Präbyopie-Visionstherapie-Tropfen(Preservative-free, FDA approved)

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Ourlyard™ Präbyopie-Visionstherapie-Tropfen(Preservative-free, FDA approved)
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Normaler Preis €19,97
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In general, most people start experiencing a decline in their vision and develop eye issues like presbyopia, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration after the age of 40. The solution offered by Ourlyard™ can help you address these eye problems within 2-4 weeks and improve your vision.

In a 30-day clinical study involving 3,365 participants worldwide, the product was shown to alleviate the symptoms of various eye conditions.

Ourlyard™ was developed by a team led by Dr. DOCTIA. Dr. Y. Ralph Chu, an ophthalmologist, has clinically proven its effectiveness in treating eye issues such as redness, dryness, presbyopia, glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, and high intraocular pressure.

Let's take a look at our satisfied customers

Linda C.

"I found that wearing glasses at the age of 38 was a fascinating way to express my personality and freedom or awaken the free spirit I desired. However, at the age of 48, I became so dependent on my glasses that they lost their charm: I couldn't see my phone while driving, and I often missed emails and messages. That's why I wanted to try Ourlyard™ eye drops, a brand-new product for people whose vision has deteriorated due to aging or other factors. I'm glad to see that after three weeks of using Ourlyard™, I no longer need to wear glasses to treat my presbyopia. Anyone in my situation should give Ourlyard™ a try!"

Sandy Scott

"My eye doctor told me back then that I had cataracts and needed immediate surgery. I hesitated to accept this fact as the surgery was very expensive. So, I searched the internet for solutions to cataracts until I discovered Ourlyard™ eye drops. After a few months of using Ourlyard™ eye drops, the cataracts have disappeared. I recommend it to anyone who has similar vision problems."

What causes eye diseases?

As we age, our vision can become blurry due to conditions like cataracts, presbyopia, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and other eye diseases. If left untreated, more severe symptoms can occur, potentially leading to blindness. Therefore, it's crucial to take care of our eye health.

How do Ourlyard™ eye drops work?

The primary principle of operation for Ourlyard™ is to reduce the pupil size to the optimal level needed for focusing on nearby objects. Dr. Y. Ralph Chu, Chief Executive Officer of the Chu Vision Institute in Bloomington, Maryland, is one of the leading authorities responsible for FDA-approved eye drops.

Ourlyard™ are the first and only FDA-approved eye drops for the treatment of age-related vision loss. When Ourlyard™ eye drops enter your eyes, they can temporarily shrink the pupils, enhancing your ability to focus on close objects while maintaining clear distance vision. Ourlyard™ uses patented technology that allows the eye drops to quickly adjust to the natural pH level of the tear film, making application easy and comfortable. 

What can Ourlyard™ eye drops do for you?


Presbyopia is caused by the hardening of the eye's lens over time, making it difficult to focus on near objects, leading to blurry or unclear vision. Ourlyard™ eye drops are the first and only FDA-approved treatment for age-related vision loss. When Ourlyard™ eye drops enter your eyes, they can temporarily reduce pupil size, improving your eyes' ability to focus on close objects while maintaining clear distance vision. Ourlyard™ eye drops use patented technology to quickly adapt to the natural pH of the tear film, making them both convenient and easy to use.


Most cases of cataracts occur in people over the age of 55 but can occasionally occur in babies or be caused by injuries or medications. Typically, cataracts affect both eyes, with one eye potentially being more severely affected than the other. The unique formula of Ourlyard™ eye drops can help separate the cloudy parts of the eye lens, making the lens clear and bright.


Glaucoma is a disease that leads to vision loss due to the decline of the optic nerve. Most patients do not notice the disease because they have no obvious symptoms. Ourlyard™ eye drops can help drain fluids from the eyes, reduce intraocular pressure, and restore normal eye function.

4.Dry eye

Dry eye refers to the lack of a sufficient quantity of high-quality tears to lubricate and nourish the eye. Tears are essential to maintain the health of the front surface of the eye and ensure clear vision. Ourlyard™ eye drops can restore the normal amount of tear fluid in the eye and minimize dryness and associated discomfort, promoting eye health.

5.Diabetic retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is an eye condition that can lead to vision loss and blindness in individuals with diabetes. It affects the blood vessels in the retina, which is the light-sensitive tissue layer at the back of the eye. Ourlyard™ eye drops can reduce retinal swelling, narrow blood vessels, and stop leakage to restore vision.


A pterygium is an overgrowth of tissue (with blood vessels) that may originally stem from the conjunctiva. It can remain small or grow large enough to cover a portion of the cornea. When this happens, it impairs your vision. Ourlyard™ eye drops can address discomfort, redness, or swelling caused by a pterygium. They can also reduce the chances of pterygium regrowth and contribute to the recovery of your eyes.

Ourlyard™ Presbyopia Vision Therapy Drops is a latest eye product from the United States. It is dedicated to better regulating the physiological pH of tears through the use of patented pHast technology. Designed to improve presbyopia symptoms, enhance vision, and maintain eye health..

  • Taurine is an amino acid that plays a crucial role in maintaining the normal function of the retina and optic nerve, positively contributing to eye health.
  • Brimonidine is primarily used to reduce intraocular pressure and is suitable for treating glaucoma and high eye pressure. It helps control intraocular pressure and alleviate symptoms associated with these eye conditions.
  • Aspartic acid is a natural amino acid and a component of proteins. In terms of eye health, it is very helpful for presbyopia, enhancing visual clarity!
  • Vitamin B6 is beneficial for overall health, and its role in maintaining the normal functioning of the nervous system has a certain impact on eye health.

Ourlyard™ eye drops are used worldwide

Shelley C.

"A few months ago, I was diagnosed with a severe case of dry eyes. My doctor recommended high-quality eye drops. I tried several of them, but they still required frequent applications throughout the day. Except for Ourlyard™, which has a long-lasting effect. As a result, my eyes still felt very dry and red. After just two days of using these drops, I noticed significant improvements. They truly provide effective moisturization. They can turn red eyes back to white within minutes. If you're struggling with severe dry eye, you should give these products a try. They have been a game-changer for me!"

Wendy L.

"Three months ago, I was diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD). My eyes were in pain, felt foreign, were dry and teary, my vision was blurred, and I experienced vision loss along with excessive tearing. After undergoing a hospital examination, the doctor informed me that surgery was necessary. As I was averse to surgery and anesthesia, I inquired if there was a medicinal treatment option available. Eventually, he recommended these eye drops to me. I began using them and noticed a significant improvement. At the very least, my eyes no longer felt as painful as before, and my vision became clearer. Two months later, I returned to the hospital for a follow-up examination, and the doctor informed me that the AMD had significantly improved. I find this product to be extremely beneficial!"

How to use

Use the eye drops twice daily for a recommended period of 3-4 weeks. What makes Ourlyard™ eye drops the best choice?

  1. For eye care.
  2. For symptoms of various eye conditions.
  3. To improve and alleviate the symptoms of red eyes, dry eyes, glaucoma, presbyopia, cataracts, and elevated intraocular pressure.
  4. For the prevention of eye diseases.
  5. To address the effects of eye conditions.
  6. To make your eyes appear brighter.


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